February 12, 2019  “Arrangement for Celebration”     
by Elaine Sigler

The use of Mizuhiki  (paper strips) is effective for festive occasions: weddings, graduation, Christmas, valentines, and even moon viewing parties.  Bring flowers and container. Mizuhiki will be provided.

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April 9,2019    “Ikebena Underwater”      
by  Leslie Vogt

We will be making an arrangement that is either completely or partially submerged under water in a clear container. It is easier to work on your arrangement if the container has a mouth that is big enough to put your hand into. You may use a kenzan and hide it with plant material, stones, or glass beads. Waxy flowers hold-up the best underwater, but many other types of flowers and plant material will work also. (Waxy flowers might include: Orchids, Anthurium, Roses, Bromeliads, Bird of Paradise, Tiger Lilies, and many colorful leaves, branches, and stems.)  Putting part of your materials outside or on top of the container may add interest to the design.

March 14, 2019    “Exhibition at Suntree Library”

From 1 PM to 4 PM. See the "Events and Outreach: page for the slideshow of this event.

We order interesting materials for our members from Japan

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March 12, 2019     “Exhibition Practice”
Practice making an exhibit arrangement of your choice for our exhibit at the Suntree Library.

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January 8, 2019    “Chain or Triangle”   
by Rena Foley
Use a bamboo chain or triangle to make an Ikebana arrangement.  Bring flowers and large container. Bamboo will be provided.

No photos available for this meeting.

It's official!  The 18th Ikebana International North and Central American Regional Conference in 2019 will be held in Dallas/Fort Worth!  Your host chapters will be Dallas Chapter # 13 and Fort Worth Chapter # 38.  Chairperson for 2019 NARC will be Patricia O'Reilly, of Dallas Chapter # 13.  Patricia is a Sogetsu 3rd Grade Teacher.  Co-Chairperson is Sandra Prachyl, representing Fort Worth Chapter # 38.  Sandra is a Sogetsu 4th Grade Teacher.

Here are some of the great things you can start looking forward to.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth is easily accessible, with direct flights from almost anywhere in the world to DFW or, in the U.S to Dallas Love.
  • Dallas and Fort Worth are loaded with arts and culture!  The proposed 5-star hotel in Dallas is within walking distance of numerous museums, live theater, parks other performing art venues – and the Neiman Marcus flagship store!
  • The official dates are Oct. 13-17, 2019.  This is a very festive time of the year in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, full of garden tours, art and music festivals, and sporting events and, of course, the great State Fair of Texas!

A Facebook Page will be set up to provide ongoing information about what's going on in Dallas and Fort Worth.  We will keep you apprised of new events, major transportation changes, etc., so you can start your planning as soon as possible!  You will also be able to exchange information on this Facebook Page. 

For more information you can contact Sandra Prachyl at the Fort Worth Chapter # 38 or Patricia O'Reilly of the Dallas Chapter # 13 at:   18thNCARC@gmail.com

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May 14, 2019     “Annual Meeting & Luncheon”
The annual meeting is very important as we will vote on our budget for next year and take suggestions for the programs we would like to have next year.  The luncheon will be held at a restaurant to be announced.

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We bring in handmade pottery made for Ikebana

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