February 13, 2018-“Working with Unconventional
Material: Rattan Roll”
By Elaine Sigler at a Monthly Meeting
Members will have an opportunity to work with this special unconventional material, imported directly from Japan. The rattan ribbon sticks are very versatile and can be twisted into many shapes or can wrap around your container or the plant materials. The only limitation is your imagination! What to bring: Secateurs (pruning shears) Simple Nageire or Moribana container (medium size) Wire (medium size) and a wire cutter Plant materials - Flowers and Leaf material  A Rattan roll (1 per participant) will be provided to each participant.Type your paragraph here.

January 9, 2018-Leaf Manipulation
by Inge Holland at a Monthly Meeting.
Using the book, Leaf Manipulation, A Beginners Guide to Working with Leaves in a Contemporary Way, by Gail Emmons, Riji, we will practice techniques and learn some of the many ways foliage can be manipulated to add a creative flair to your free-style arrangements. Choose one of your leaf creations to use in an arrangement.  Materials: container, flowers, and any of these tools: scissors, clippers, wire cutters, floral stapler, 3M Scotch double-sided tape, straight wire-different gauges, floral tape, glue dots, utility knife, ruler, and your own skillful hands!  Leaves we will be using are: New Zealand Flax, Palmetto Fan Palm, Areca Palm, Bird of Paradise Leaf, Monstera Leaf, Sago Palm, Sanseviera. Bring any you may have. We will have practice leaves to use.

March 13, 2018-Making Bamboo Fences
by Irene Gomulka at a Monthly Meeting
Irene is coming to us from the Orlando chapter as part of the Iwaya Fund exchange program. We will be constructing a small bamboo fence and then using it in an arrangement. Irene will supply bamboo and twine.  Members will need to bring containers, line material, flowers, etc..

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Local, Regional and International Programs For 2018

May 8, 2018-Annual Meeting & Luncheon at 11:30 AM
The annual meeting is a requirement by the Ikebana International Headquarters. This year we had the election of Officers for 2018-2020. They were immediately installed after the election. There was a vote on the proposed budget for 2018-2019 that was unanimously passed with out revision.   The luncheon was held at Haru Sushi Bar & Grill at 1500 N A1A in Indialantic. 

April 10, 2018-Using Paint
By Rena Foley at a Monthly Meeting.

Using an item either natural or man made that the member has painted (spray paint is great) in your arrangement. Even the containers can be painted. Materials: container, flowers, line material, painted material, scissors, etc..

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