• Chapter # 216 holds monthly meetings each year from September through May.   The meetings are currently being held at the Melbourne Public Library, at 540 E. Fee Avenue, Melbourne, FL.  The meeting are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1 to 3 PM.
  • Each monthly meeting has a lesson, a presenter, and often handouts about the lesson.  During each meeting the members each create an original arrangement and are critiqued by the presenter and our member Sensei (teachers).
  • Twice a year luncheon meetings are held at local Japanese Restaurants.
  • Once a year, a guest Ikebana Professional Demonstrator is brought in to entertain and educate the public.  These presentations are either Demonstrations or Workshops and will have an additional fee.
  • Chapter # 216 members may visit any other Ikebana Chapter in the United States or world wide.

The Benefits of Membership

Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter # 216

  • Regional and International Conferences are held periodically throughout the world for the purpose of offering educational opportunities to members.  These trips will have travel and  registration fees but offer incredible educational opportunities as well as creating new friends and opportunities.
  • Three times a year, a magazine is sent to you from Ikebana International, with gorgeous color shots of  arrangements from the many different Ikebana Schools.  These magazines contain wonderful articles about Ikebana and related arts and cultural subjects.
  • Two lively newsletters are sent out from Ikebana International to let you know what is happening at other chapters and regions around the world, as well as what is going on at the International Headquarters in Japan.  You may also read about what your own chapter has been up to.