Events & Outreach

This year due to the Corona Virus interruption we have been unable to hold our meetings or any events.  We did however have some members participate in “Ikebana in Isolation” and we shared the entries with our members, some examples are shown above.


Historically our local Chapter # 216 has hosted either a workshop or a demonstration, and a Professional  Demonstrator is brought in to entertain and educate the public as well as our members.  Our local chapter participates in Art Festivals and does Exhibitions for various groups and Senor Living facilities.  Twice a year we hold our meetings at local Japanese restaurants, and we take field trips to various gardens and exhibits.

As a member you may visit any chapter worldwide and attend their events as well.  Ikebana International periodically holds Regional Conferences,  as well as the International World Convention in Japan every 5 years.  Some of our chapter members will travel as a group to these special events. 

Ikebana International sends a magazine three times a year with gorgeous color photos of arrangements and wonderful articles on the various Ikebana schools and related   cultural

subjects.  You will also receive two news letters to let you know what is happening at other chapters around the  US and the world.

Melbourne, Florida

Chapter #216

History & philosophy

Our Chapter, Melbourne #216 marked its 38th anniversary this year 2020 and we are proud of our members for their continued support.

Ikebana International is a worldwide nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, with 161 chartered chapters having over 7,500 members in 48 countries. 

While some Ikebana schools stress classic styles, other schools focus on creative, contemporary forms and some blend the two.  Although each school is different, they openly share their inspirations, styles, philosophy, history and techniques with other members.  Membership in Ikebana International is open to all persons interested in the art of Ikebana regardless of previous experience.

 "Just as musicians express themselves through the language of music, Ikebana artists must use the language of flowers."  Kadensho 

Our motto is "Friendship Through Flowers". 

Our members seek to promote friendship between countries through Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.


The Melbourne Chapter # 216 of Ikebana International would like to invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings.  The objective of the organization is to learn to enjoy Japanese Flower arranging and to stimulate your creativity while making new friends.

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May, at the Melbourne Public Library, located at 540 E. Fee Avenue, Melbourne, FL.  The meetings start at 1 PM and last for 2 hours during which we all create a flower arrangement to take home and enjoy.

We are very fortunate to have three active Ikebana certified instructors in our area who conduct periodic classes.  The classes are usually once a week for 6 weeks and are tailored to the various levels of Ikebana mastery.

"Bread feeds the body, indeed,
but flowers feed also the soul"