May 8th, 2018 Monthly Meeting held at Haru on A1A.

May 16, 2018II Chapter #216 Demo for the  "Young at Heart" luncheon for seniors held at the Satellite Beach United Methodist Church with Midge Dunn and Inge Holland demonstrating.

At the very core of the Ikebana mission is the directive to further peace in our world by developing mutual understanding and friendship with other countries and our neighbors through the art of Japanese Flower Arranging.   This art form crosses all gender lines, all race descriptions, is not bound by age requirements, and is available to anyone who wishes to enhance their lives and the lives of others.  The ability to make someone smile with a simple gift of flowers is powerful and enriches the lives of both the giver and the receiver.

Our Chapter understands that bringing our passion for this art form to others is as important as the enjoyment that we receive from making a beautiful arrangement.  To this end we conduct various events in the community in which we live to bring the joy of Ikebana to others.  Below we  post our current flyers for upcoming events, along with photo slide shows and results of some of the events we have already held.

Events & Outreach for 2018

New Classes are available, see the information on the "Meetings and Classes" page under the "Home" Page menu. 

February, 2018 Rena Foley Melbourne Chapter #216,  just finished a program for the Naples Chapter. It is her second demonstration  in the exchange program between the six Florida chapters that  they are doing amon themselves. The demonstration using bamboo containers was followed with a workshop where attendees learned to master the vertical fixture (tate no soegi dome) using the bamboo nageire containers Rena made from her backyard timber bamboo.  The sessions were deemed a big success.

Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter # 216

For more information on any of these events use the "Contact Us" page on this website, leave us your contact information, which event  you are  interested  in and  the appropriate Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter #216 member will contact you.

Follow this link to read a wonderful article in the New York Times called

"The Rise of Modern Ikebana".

February 25, 2018 Chapter 216, Melbourne Ikebana was asked to create the center pieces for the Brevard Symphony Orchestra South Guild's Annual Fundraising Dinner .  Midge Dunne, Inge Holland and Rena Foley produced dozens of the formal arrangements for the event.