Creating eye-catching exhibits for the Florida State University Museum or doing workshops for Local Clubs, Children  and Assisted Living Facilities, we work as a team with everyone contributing their creativity and expertise, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

You can participate in programs locally, regionally and internationally.  Click MORE to find out what is happening.


Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter # 216



J​anuary 14, 2020 "Practicing A Skill"working with non-traditional materials.
By Elaine Sigler 

February 11, 2020 "Curls"
By Rena Foley

March 10, 2020 "A Visit to a Local Metal Sculptor Artist's Studio, Julie Chabrian, in Cocoa."
A private tour of her work which is influenced by Japanese floral prints and modern industrial designs, with the Artist.

April 14, 2020 "Using
Text in your Arrangement"
By Sheila Barboza

May 12, 2020 Annual Meeting & Luncheon 

at 11:30 AM at a restaurant to be determined.

This will be our Annual Meeting with the election of Officers for 2020-2022, and a vote on the proposed budget for 2020-2021.

We have gone to virtual zoom meetings until further notice for this year.


Giving Back to our Community

The Ikebana community is in Melbourne, FL, The United States and 48 other countries.  Click MORE to find out who we are.

Ikebana can be practiced at any time, in any place, by anybody, with whatever material is available.  Click MORE to find out what Ikebana is all about.

Mission & Vision